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During your consultation period, [fut hair transplant] like mdee procedures, similarly fue procedures will need to be kept reviewed so that all customers make a fact-based decision along with your attending surgeon when considering options. The preferred method of collecting donated blood. Often, patients who need more than a single hair transplant session to realize their aesthetic goals undergo both types of procedures. Sometimes an mdee procedure is performed first to implement optimal coverage, followed by a fue procedure - of course, if the patient no longer has the necessary sagging of the scalp to safely carry out the next collection of strips. Then some patients chose fue hair replacement surgery for their own first manipulation, because they are hungry to wear their hair shorter, but the further they go, the more they get the opportunity to find mdee for the second procedure in order to maximize the transplant yield. Each ziering hair transplant surgeon has gained carding skills with both procedures and will select your therapy regimen depending on your individual needs. We are ready to help you, it will be more convenient to study the causes of hair loss and any of your methods of therapy. Click below to register for a consultation.